PQASSO Quality Standards

The PQASSO quality framework is a practical tool to help third sector organisations measure their performance and success.  The sector's huge contribution to society and the economy often goes unrecognised and innovations like PQASSO can change this. 

Now with the option of external accreditation through the Quality Mark, organisations can work through the 12 Quality Areas, improving their practise and ensuring their services are user-led and outcomes driven, underpinned with sound governance, management and good partnership working 

As an approved PQASSO Mentor, Helen at VINESWORKS can provide training and 1-1 support in getting to grips with PQASSO and implementing in your organisation.  

VINESWORKS is currently working with several health and social care social enterprises providing support and training as they get to grips with PQASSO!

For more information about PQASSO, check out the CES website.

For information about how VINESWORKS can help you with Quality Standards get in touch.   Check out the Events page for Training opportunities on PQASSO.   Check out the Events Page for Trainin