VINESWORKS goes international with The British Council

Excitement levels are rising as I finalise plans for facilitating a two day event in Malta, bringing together social social enterprises and entrepreneurs from across Europe and North Africa. 

A British Council project, Our Shared Future helps social enterprises to play a meaningful and transformational role in their communities at a time when acute youth joblessness in the region demands innovative solutions.

Social entrepreneurs however need the business skills and personal networks to be able to sustain themselves and scale up their impact. Our Shared Future has therefore gathered a group of budding entrepreneurs from 17 countries to benefit from the ‘Start a Business’ online course. At the project’s workshop in Malta, facilitated by VINESWORKS, the entrepreneurs will come together with other experts for further training, mentoring, inspiration, finalisation of business plans, and to consolidate a rich peer to peer network. 

In addition to facilitating the two day event, VINESWORKS will also be running  workshops on:

  • measuring social impact, primarily using social accounting and auditing;
  • branding/badging of social enterprises, the UK scenario; and
  • quality standards for social enterprises, focussing on PQASSO.

It's certainly going to be a busy, and fascinating, few days, and VINESWORKS is delighted to be working with The British Council on this project.


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