Inspiring International Social Entrepreneurs at British Council Malta

VINESWORKS was delighted to co-plan, facilitate and present at The British Council's Our Shared Future seminar in Malta last week. Sixteen social entrepreneurs came together to share and further develop their business ideas, having already worked through an on-line business planning course.  Hearing from "experts" in the sector, entrepreneurs also had opportunities for lively debate and cultural exchange, both within the seminar programme and when "off duty"!  This made for fascinating conversation, with entrepreneurs from across Europe and North Africa including; Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Ireland, UK, Poland, Russia and Kazakstan.

I made two presentations, the first looking at badges and "identifiers" for social enterprise in the UK, and the need for quality within enterprise - looking at PQASSO as a useful standard for the sector.  There followed an interesting discussion about the need for such identifiers, or not!  The second presentation was a pitstop tour around social impact measurement and in particular social accounting and auditing.  This was webstreamed and you can watch again at livestream. I must try to lose the slight "mad-eyed Vines" look and the strange voice and mouth shape not unlike that of a prominent royal person!

Three days spent with wonderfully creative, inspiring, thought provoking, warm hearted, smart and savvy social enterpreneurs, intent on change for social good.  Well done to them and to the British Council for making this happen.


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